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water damage caused by loose and missing tiles to a house in Kidderminster needing roof repair

Don’t Let a Small Job Become a BIG Expense

Cracked/missing tiles and small leaks are easy ignore and it’s easy to keep putting off roof repairs, always intending to get the job done later. Unfortunately unless you carry out remedial work on your roof immediately; all the water that manages to find its way in always does more damage leading to a far bigger expense that the small roof repair would have initially cost.

Water can collect inside the walls causing dry rot and structural damage, and ends up costing you much, much more than what it would have cost to fix your leaking roof had you fixed it when it was first noticed. Do not put off giving Kidderminster Roofing and Repair a quick phone call on 01562 610220 We will gladly give you free advice over the phone and arrange a free survey and no- obligation quotation.



We realise that not everyone requires a new roof or a major roof repair so we have a small team that specialises in smaller roof repairs, and so we are able to provide our customers with the services they most frequently require.


Accurate Honest Free Assessments

Don’t Hesitate to Call At the first sign of leakage and/or damaged tiles, eaves, fascias or gutters, give Kidderminster Roofing and Roof Repairs a call. We will give you an expert consult that will provide an accurate and honest assessment of what is causing the leak and what your options would be for roofing repair. Sometimes the cost is minimal and you can be confident that Kidderminster Roofing and Repair will make every effort to keep your cost as low as possible. However, if there is extensive damage, there may be several options for repairing the damage and all your options will be explained to you so that you can make an informed decision.

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Other Common Roof Problems

Not all problems are with the roof itself. Water ingress is commonly also caused by problems with the gutters/guttering, soffits and fascias. Feel free to call Kidderminster Roofing and Repair to ask for advice and to arrange a free survey and no-obligation quotation. Call Us today on 01562 610220.


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