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Fitting new facia boards, sofits and guttering in Kidderminster - leaking gutters


Guttering Repairs/Leaking Gutters

If you have damaged or leaking guttering it can not only cause damage through damp and mold, but can also cause serious structural damage to your property that will be extremely expensive to fix. If your gutters become damaged or blocked, rainwater will not be disposed of correctly and will flow down the outside walls and windows of your building. It is important to repair any leaking guttering as soon as you become aware of any leaks, dampness or problems. Roofing Kidderminster are able to fix any guttering problems you may have including leaking gutters, over flowing gutters, blocked guttering, broken or loose guttering brackets or aging fall pipes/down pipes, carrying out all guttering repair work quickly, efficiently and professionally at a time that suits you.

Roofing Kidderminster and Repairs will always carry out an inspection and where possible repair your existing guttering: we won’t just automatically suggest that new guttering needs to be installed if it is more economical to make a repair. Please feel free to contact us to arrange a free no-obligation guttering inspection.


New Guttering

Kidderminster Roofing Repairs can fit new guttering to your home or any building, whether you require new gutters on your new build, a new extension, a shed or garage, or whether you would like to replace your current guttering with low maintenance modern designed and aesthetically pleasing replacements. We are able to offer you aluminum guttering, cast iron guttering, concrete gutters, copper gutters and plastic/upvc guttering and fall pipes.


Fascias and Soffits

Fascias, soffits, cladding and bargeboard provide a weather seal around your roofline. Ignoring any problems with any of these often lead to greater expense further down the line as the joists and beams in your roof become damaged by damp.

After years of exposure to this country’s weather wooden fascias and soffits will be showing signs of rot and will start to look unsightly. Replacing your fascias is one of the most effective ways of improving your homes exterior aesthetics. Traditional wooden fascias can now be replaced with modern upvc alternatives which will offer a greater resistance to the elements and look fresh and modern.

fitting new guttering and fascias in Kidderminster WorcestershireKidderminster Roofing and Repair are able to repair your roofline and replace any fascia boards, bargeboards, soffits and cladding. Please feel free to call our friendly team for any advice on 01562 610220.


Chimney Stack Repairs

Your chimney has to withstand extremes of hot and cold and it is very likely that at some point this will lead to the brickwork cracking, the chimney becoming unstable and allowing water to leak into your house causing numerous problems with damp. If you have any concerns about your chimney stack then call us on 01562 610220 for a free survey. We can help you with:

man working to repair a chimney in Kidderminster - chimney repair Kidderminster worcestershireGeneral chimney stack repairs.
Cracked mortar.
Dislodged bricks and Brickwork.
Lead flashing.
Damaged chimney pots.
Chimney pot re-haunching.
Chimney re-building, rendering and pointing.
Old chimney removal.
New chimney building.
Chimney cowl installation.


Please feel free to call our friendly team to arrange for someone to call round, talk about your requirements, offer advice and a free quote 01562 610220


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